A Day of Happenings

Day 6-                                                                                                                                                                    Today was the day to hop on Sawyer for the first time since Saturday, and since he has been “home”.

Yesterday was quite a stressful day. We had a vet appointment scheduled for the evening so I had all day to think about how it was going to go.

Long story short we were going to do a PPE but, only had time for a lameness eval but he passed! My vet was not impressed with my farrier’s handiwork, but Sawyer is sound all the same. We were given the go ahead to start riding! If the putty falls out of his crack (which I’ll post a picture of tomorrow), I’ll make an appt to have my vet put some silicone stuff in it.

So today I lunged him first, just for my sanity, and then hopped on. Its nice to get on a horse that you’re not worried about doing something stupid or that you can’t handle. Or maybe I’m just more confident in my skills? Who knows…

Anyways, he was lovely and we got many compliments on what a good boy and nice horse he is. Did I mention that I got him to join up with me the other day, the first time I’ve ever even free lunged him? First horse that has done it the first go around…. Oh and COTH seems to love him as well! The boy is going to need his own FB fan-page here soon.

Today was also the day I finally got my dressage footage from my region’s CT Rally we held a few weekends ago. I rode a switch ride, my trainer/friend/mentor Molly’s super star of a horse, Caper. Caper is a huge dude, pushing 18hh with very big movement. Did I mention this is my what, second novice AND a switch ride?! Thought we did pretty well. My upper body and hands could use some work though.

I thought we deserved a better score than a 36, but we had a clean stadium round that I was very happy with, and ended up winning! Not too shabby.

My day also consisted of teaching several lessons, and cleaning sheaths….Money is money. Right?

On a cleaner note, Sawyer and I have camp in a few more weeks. Whidbey is a few weeks later, and Molly seems to think I should at the very least take Sawyer BN. We’d probably make it around no problem. Guess we’ll see!



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