Tonks Update

Since my last post lots of things have changed.

Tonks and I scratched at RF because we ran into some problems, and were unsure of how the course was going to be ran. We decided to stay at BN to resolve some issues, so we set our sights on Stanton farm to get another event under our belts. To put it frankly it was a complete clusterf*ck, and we had to retire on course.

Tonks and I lived to event another day, and even moved up to Novice. Unfortunately we had another complete and utter disaster of an event when we made it half way around the course to the half coffin to have Tonks go into a fit. We retired again. Thankfully it was only a schooling event so we were allowed to show jump. She didn’t want to have anything to do with it. If you can retire after you’ve already retired, we did exactly that.

All I decided that after starting my first year of college, and using Tonks for the school’s Eq. Team, that we needed to part ways. We didn’t quite click, and she was never going to be a C3 horse. She also isn’t quite staying sound for the level of work I need her to perform at, and xc isn’t and wont ever be “her thing”. She is much happier being a hunter princess at 2’9″ and lower.

I thought I found Tonks the perfect home. She was going to be leased to a pony clubber from a neighboring club. They wouldn’t be jumping very high, and her work load would be lighter.

Unfortunately things didn’t work out and she will be coming back home the end of the month.

I’ll bid you farewell till next time.



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