New Kicks- Day 4

Today Sawyer got new sneakers.

His toes are long and his heels under run, and it looks like he hasnt had a lot done to them in  a while besides being trimmed when needed.  Due to this he has a quarter crack on the right hind and one on the left front that is pretty significant. We aren’t sure if it was an injury that caused the later or it if is a true quarter crack.

Since John, my horses’ farrier for the last seven years, is out due to cancer we gave a new farrier a try. He was very patient with Sawyer, and did an excellent job.

I don’t have pictures of the front yet, as it is duct taped for the putty to dry that was put in the crack. But I do have one of the back.




I’m really hoping and praying (which I don’t do very often, so this is serious!) that he is still sound and we get a good prognosis from the vet tomorrow. If not he’s going back to Wyoming, as I have him out on a 30 day trial right now.

Here’s to Sawyer being sound and being what I need!



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