Something Different- DIY Dirty Chai Lattes

Here is a break from my usual equine themed posts. As many of you don’t know, I love espresso and Chai, but as a poor college kid (and being extremely frugal), I can’t justify going out and buying a drink from a coffee hut on a regular basis. So here I have recreated my favorite Dirty Chai Latte from my favorite coffee hut, Florence Coffee. 

I know traditionally that Chai Lattes do not have espresso in them, but as the espresso fiend that I am I can’t help but make it “dirty”. Usually I get a 16oz Chai Latte with a triple shot of espresso. I am lactose intolerant, so I always get soy or my favorite is almond milk. Here my take. 

This is what you’ll need:


-Oregon Chai Latte Concentrate                                                                                               –Almond, Soy, or regular milk                                                                                                      -Cafe Bustelo, or other favorite espresso                                                                                                                                                                                               -Glass (microwave safe) liquid measuring cup                                                                           -Moka pot (stovetop espresso maker), or espresso machine. I personally love my stovetop stainless steal 3cp (3 demitasse cup) Imusa.                                                                                 -Demitasse cup to measure out shots                                                                                           -Lastly, your favorite giant mug.                                                                                               

-Optional. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and/or honey.

1. Fill up your moka pot with water to right under the steam valve. Then add you espresso to the basket. Do not tamp. Just fill up and level off. The grounds will expand as it brews. Then put on the stove over medium heat. Keep the lid open to keep an eye  on the brewing process.

2. Measure out equal ratios of the chai latte concentrate to milk or milk replacer in the glass measuring cup. Stir and put in microwave on high till hot; mine took a minute. 

3. Once your espresso had started to brew, watch for when it starts to gurgle. This is when you want to remove it from the heat to avoid getting the dregs. 

4. Poor the chai latte in your mug and add however many shots you desire. I personally like 2-3. Measure them out with your demitasse cup.

5. At this point I’ve mixed everything up and adding a splash or two of the chai latte concentrate for taste. You can also add some cinnamon, nutmeg, and/or cardamom to the top as well. Honey would be good as well. You can serve either hot, or over ice. Delicious either way. At this point I also go for my favorite biscuit, which is McVite’s. Enjoy! 

If you have any suggestions, comments, etc please post below. 





Dear Potential Sponsor,I have recently required a pretty

Dear Potential Sponsor,

I have recently required a pretty cool horse, and I think he really deserves to compete at Rebecca Farm this year, as he hasn’t ever had the chance before. He’s been a really good boy, and been looking forward to it all year. So if you would be so kind, today is the opening date, and we’d love to go!

A Poor College Kid and her “Pony”

It should work, right? Currently taking any and all donations! Sawyer has agreed that he will proudly display your name on his rum in the form of a quarter mark. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal!

*Eventing geek out moment of the day-when Hawley Bennet likes your fb status 😀

A Day of Happenings

Day 6-                                                                                                                                                                    Today was the day to hop on Sawyer for the first time since Saturday, and since he has been “home”.

Yesterday was quite a stressful day. We had a vet appointment scheduled for the evening so I had all day to think about how it was going to go.

Long story short we were going to do a PPE but, only had time for a lameness eval but he passed! My vet was not impressed with my farrier’s handiwork, but Sawyer is sound all the same. We were given the go ahead to start riding! If the putty falls out of his crack (which I’ll post a picture of tomorrow), I’ll make an appt to have my vet put some silicone stuff in it.

So today I lunged him first, just for my sanity, and then hopped on. Its nice to get on a horse that you’re not worried about doing something stupid or that you can’t handle. Or maybe I’m just more confident in my skills? Who knows…

Anyways, he was lovely and we got many compliments on what a good boy and nice horse he is. Did I mention that I got him to join up with me the other day, the first time I’ve ever even free lunged him? First horse that has done it the first go around…. Oh and COTH seems to love him as well! The boy is going to need his own FB fan-page here soon.

Today was also the day I finally got my dressage footage from my region’s CT Rally we held a few weekends ago. I rode a switch ride, my trainer/friend/mentor Molly’s super star of a horse, Caper. Caper is a huge dude, pushing 18hh with very big movement. Did I mention this is my what, second novice AND a switch ride?! Thought we did pretty well. My upper body and hands could use some work though.

I thought we deserved a better score than a 36, but we had a clean stadium round that I was very happy with, and ended up winning! Not too shabby.

My day also consisted of teaching several lessons, and cleaning sheaths….Money is money. Right?

On a cleaner note, Sawyer and I have camp in a few more weeks. Whidbey is a few weeks later, and Molly seems to think I should at the very least take Sawyer BN. We’d probably make it around no problem. Guess we’ll see!


New Kicks- Day 4

Today Sawyer got new sneakers.

His toes are long and his heels under run, and it looks like he hasnt had a lot done to them in  a while besides being trimmed when needed.  Due to this he has a quarter crack on the right hind and one on the left front that is pretty significant. We aren’t sure if it was an injury that caused the later or it if is a true quarter crack.

Since John, my horses’ farrier for the last seven years, is out due to cancer we gave a new farrier a try. He was very patient with Sawyer, and did an excellent job.

I don’t have pictures of the front yet, as it is duct taped for the putty to dry that was put in the crack. But I do have one of the back.




I’m really hoping and praying (which I don’t do very often, so this is serious!) that he is still sound and we get a good prognosis from the vet tomorrow. If not he’s going back to Wyoming, as I have him out on a 30 day trial right now.

Here’s to Sawyer being sound and being what I need!


The Dude

On a happier note, I have potentially found my C3/B horse! 

Meet Sawyer, a 2004 model OTTB. 



Sawyer (reg. as No Front Shoes) had 5 starts before his owner pulled him from the track and turned him into a foxhunter up in New York. He chased for two seasons. Then was sold as an eventing prospect to a pony clubber in Idaho, but for whatever reason it didn’t work. That is when Sawyer found his last home in Wyoming. His owner, Lauren, decided it would be in his better interest to find a home where he would get to compete. This is where I come in. 

After weeks of emailing each other back and forth, we finally were able to coordinate schedules for me to go see the big guy. I drug my grandpa down with me to make the 7hr drive with the trailer to Wyoming. 

We were greeted by a 17hh chestnut gelding who was less than impressed that we didn’t have carrots for him, but was happy to have me poke and prod him while he snoozed. Not you’re typical thoroughbred, that is for sure. 

He lunged like a pro, and behaved undersaddle. Was very good considering not really being ridden since last fall. 

I rode him the next morning, and he was excellent. 

He is definitely on the lazy side and “go with the flow”, but I can live with that. I decided because of this, that he won’t be showing under “No Front Shoes”, but rather “The Dude” in honor of “The Big Lebowski”. 

In the meantime he needs some weight, muscle, shoes, and a trip to the vet. The boy gets his new sneakers tomorrow morning, and sees Dr. Brown Wednesday late afternoon. 

I’ve got big plans for this guy, and I hope he lives up to them. We’ve got a long road ahead of us, but I’m ready for the adventure. 


Tonks Update

Since my last post lots of things have changed.

Tonks and I scratched at RF because we ran into some problems, and were unsure of how the course was going to be ran. We decided to stay at BN to resolve some issues, so we set our sights on Stanton farm to get another event under our belts. To put it frankly it was a complete clusterf*ck, and we had to retire on course.

Tonks and I lived to event another day, and even moved up to Novice. Unfortunately we had another complete and utter disaster of an event when we made it half way around the course to the half coffin to have Tonks go into a fit. We retired again. Thankfully it was only a schooling event so we were allowed to show jump. She didn’t want to have anything to do with it. If you can retire after you’ve already retired, we did exactly that.

All I decided that after starting my first year of college, and using Tonks for the school’s Eq. Team, that we needed to part ways. We didn’t quite click, and she was never going to be a C3 horse. She also isn’t quite staying sound for the level of work I need her to perform at, and xc isn’t and wont ever be “her thing”. She is much happier being a hunter princess at 2’9″ and lower.

I thought I found Tonks the perfect home. She was going to be leased to a pony clubber from a neighboring club. They wouldn’t be jumping very high, and her work load would be lighter.

Unfortunately things didn’t work out and she will be coming back home the end of the month.

I’ll bid you farewell till next time.