Arrowhead HT and Sali Gear Camp Update

It has been about a month since I posted, and I have a lot to tell you all about!

First and foremost, Arrowhead was a successful outing for us both at BN. Our dressage was going really well up until we started trotting around the dressage arena before our test. The warm up and dressage arenas were right next to xc, so by the time we got over to do our test she realized that xc was just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Needless to say we managed to stay under 40 with a 39.5, and were in a four way tie for 8th place.  Cross Country went pretty well. Almost had a stop at the water, and had two stops at the ditch which was expected, but still a bummer. The weather had been super awful as well. We had up to 50mph winds, rain, hail, and just overall crappy weather all weekend. We only had hail on xc day, how convenient! Show Jumping went really well. Didn’t have any stops or rails, so we were one of four that went double clean. We finished at 11th place, just outside of the ribbons,  out of a big group of about 18. Not too bad for our first outing.

Sali Gear Camp was amazing. Seriously. I can’t wait for next year it was so great. Everything improved just in the four short days that she was here for. Our dressage was great, so be focused on our jumping more especially with RF coming up and my C2. My position is getting much better and my overall riding improved leaps and bound from what it was just a few days before. Sali has me now presenting to the fence and wants me to use an automatic release because my position is better when I do compared to a crest release. Who would have thought!

After camp we had our own personal Sali clinic at the barn for a Friday evening and part of Saturday. Molly and I had a jumping lesson together, where we worked on grids which help my position and Molly’s horse Caper’s jumping. Molly and Tonks were just along for the ride. The grid she set up was great, it was three oxers in a row starting small and we worked up to I want to say 3’3″ (they told me there were just 3′, but they were bigger than that!). After doing that we did an exercise across where Sali set up a triple bar on the diagonal. I couldn’t think straight because I tend to over think everything, so we started with just an oxer and moved up to the triple. It was a good sized fence. Sali managed to get a great picture of us going over it with her iPhone. My mantra for the whole ride is “This is fun!”, and after thinking it enough, it did turn out to be fun. I was also instructed to sing “We Are Young” by Fun. while I jumped, so now it is my theme song.

Here I am sporting my new position and crest release. For Tonks this was a walk in the park.


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