Goals Completed and More for the Coming Year

    2011 didn’t start out on a very positive note. The struggles I have faced over the last year, have made me a better horseman and rider, but a better and stronger person as well. 
   From months of treating Addie for EPM, to finally thinking she was back to her old self and then having her almost seriously injure us both, it was time to say goodbye. A few months after making the trip to Billings to give Addie back to her original owners and breeders, we got the sad news that she was put down because she became too much of a danger to herself and others. It was a hard thing to digest, but at the same time it was also a relief that she wouldn’t be suffering anymore.
Here are some pictures from last winter. 

                 I wish things could have worked out, I love that horse, but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

    After two or three months I found Tonks, well really I was finally able to go see try her out after months of looking at pictures and talking to her owners.
    At the end of June we made the trip up to Kalispell to bring Tonks home with us. Since we have had some different opinions about how to go about things, but after getting her number we have been doing really well together.  We went to my first event in a year, and hers in about six and we managed to place in the top six. The next weekend we took home 2nd. We were able to work with a lot of great instructors. Thanks Molly, Olivia, Amanda, Wendy, and Sali! I can’t wait to work with you all again come the New Year!

Take a look at my Goals from last year.

Goals from 2010 for 2011

My plan of action is as follows:
1. take the TABY test to see what I need to work on before I take the GED
2. take my GED and pass with flying colors
3.apply and get accepted into college, namely Montana State (I love their equine science/pre vet programs) and that way I can afford to keep my horse and compete 
I was also accepted into the University of Montana and in the process of being accepted into University of Montana Western. When I do, I am planning on going there in the fall for sure!
4.take the SAT/ACT
5. and then attend MSU in the fall 🙂
This did not happen because my family (not naming who) is not supportive of me going to college, whatsoever.
and above all – pray to God I stay relatively healthy
I DID end up having a tonsillectomy in March, and was laid up for almost two months. It was not fun at all, but very worth it! 

      Horse wise I haven’t been able to ride much because of various reasons, but heck thats winter in Montana if you have an indoor or not.

Goals for 2011:
– Get Addie’s awesome jumping back and keep it
– work on my release
   I would like to think that I have improved my jumping release since I have been riding Tonks, because she pretty much requires that you don’t touch her mouth when she is jumping. She is very opinionated, haha.
– get nice, consistent dressage work (mid 30’s at least)
   Tonks and I did end up getting a 30 at our 2nd mini event together!
get my C1 in the spring and my C2 later in the summer
   I wasn’t able to get my C1 in the spring, but did get most of it this fall. YAY! I am going to finish it this spring and work towards my C2 before school starts.
– take Addie to our first reg. event and manage to do as well as we do at home
– conquer my fear of Addie bolting by doing LOTS of xc work
– be competing at BN, which means I will  be schooling some novice
– IF she is doing well go to an easy move up novice level event
– above else staying sound (for both of us, haha) and having fun!
Addie and I didn’t get to do any of these things together, but I did get over a quite a bit of my fear of her being really stupid. That was before she was starting to be actually dangerous, and even then I was riding her when I probably shouldn’t have because of the safety factor.

Goals for 2012!!

Horse Related Goals:
-Really work on our jumping
Tonks really doesn’t like doing an exercise more than a few times, because she quickly figures them out, so I need to work on lots of different exercises.
-Finish my C1 in the spring
-Work on our dressage (at Events keep scores no higher than mid-thirties)
-Work on my C2 and get it before school starts in the fall.
-Work on my seat and mainly my legs, so I can ride confidently without stirrups at all three gaits and jumping (small fences ;))
-Make sure that I stay calm, cool, and collected while riding, because Tonks seems to feed off of any of my negative energy.
-Figure out a happy medium for us both out cross country so she isn’t freaking out and I am not half halting the whole way. Maybe a different bit or figure 8?
-Remind myself that Tonks is NOT Addie, and that I can trust her more than I have been.
-Ride and take lessons on as many other horses as I possibly can
-Start at BN in the spring and  hopefully move up to Novice
-Compete at our first Reg. Event together, Arrowhead maybe?
-Go to a few events at Novice to prepare for Rebecca Farm
-Compete at Novice at RF

Not Horse Related (Mostly):
-Get a gym membership and start hitting it hard to strengthen my legs
-Do everything in my power to stay healthy
-Work on things that will help me trust Tonks and other people better
– Find a J-O-B! and/or maybe a Working Student position??
-Start teaching more
-Make myself a schedule and stick to it. Quick being a procrastinator!
-Move out and figure myself out a bit more.
-Finish applying to UM Western and make sure that I am able to go next fall. Just Get ‘er Done!
-Join the Equestrian Team at UM Western
-Also just go with the flow and when the going gets tough the tough keep on going 😉

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year,and may you all achieve what you set out to accomplish!


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