The Search is On

    Since deciding (well okay probably for a couple of months before) and talking to Addie’s previous owner about taking Addie back to her, I have been desperately looking for a horse. Our budget is 3k, TOPS. With such a minimal budget, your kind of stuck with older (around 12yo) horses that haven’t done much or green beans that have done a little bit more but will need work as well.
    Being in Montana you already have a limited amount of horses that event or even jump, and if you do happen to find one they are selling for around 8k. When living in such a none eventing area, and your looking for “The One”, you usually have to go to the surrounding states. Oregon and Washington that have a higher population of these horses at lower prices, and a lot/majority of them are young OTTBs that are just learning a something new.
     So here are a few I have found.

 Milo, 5yo, OTTB, gelding, 16hh. He is kind of downhill and probably hasn’t been off the track long, so it would be quite a bit of work even though he sound like a great boy. He has a super pedigree too!

Casey, 13-14yo, OTTB, gelding, 17.2hh. Done pretty much everything, loves to jump and please. I really like him, and his owner is willing to lease or sell which is great. A fellow pony club member rode him at camp quite a few years ago and said he was great. I think he may be the one.

Tonks, 12yo, TB, mare, 16hh. Super attitude, done a little bit of everything. Was bought as a Training level prospect, but has only schooled up to that level and competed at Novice. Still a bit green.

Lastly is Chesapeake Bay, a 4yo Appendix mare. This is a video of her owner showing her to me, including her going over trot poles for the first time.


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  1. Hayley · December 9, 2011

    This is an older post from this spring/summer that I finally finished. Haha.

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