Spoke a Little Too Soon

  I need to start blogging on a more regular basis, geezzzee! Haha, sorry about that guys 😉
  So since the last time I blogged Addie has gone through her month of treatment, passed her nero, and lameness evals and everything was looking really good. Super good in fact. I was starting to look for a new saddle because we found out my was really bothering her, and starting to figure out training/showing schedules. Everything was looking up even though I hadn’t ridden in a month due to a tonsilectomy that I had in March, and not having a saddle.
  I finally found a used Prestige Eventing saddle through Rick’s Heritage Saddlery (which I totally recommend), and it fit enough where we could have made it work. Unfortunatly the day I went out to try it out and see how it fit Addie was lame, which was really disapointing. I tried it out anyway because I only had two days top to see if it fit, and if it didn’t, ship it back.

 Addie was pretty good for about the first 45min, and then when when I went to get off because horses where being ran out of the barn after the evening feeding she just started to wig out. I couldn’t get her to mind or pay attention for anything, and she kept on trying to run both my trainer and I over. I finally was able to get her back in her stall, but she really wasn’t paying attention to me. I was able to get her calmed down enough where I felt safe to tie her up and start untacking. When I went around to her right side, which is opposite of the stall door, she started to pin me against the wall. So I told her to move over by putting pressure at her girth, just everytime I have for the last year and she REALLY freaked out. She started to pull and go over backwards at the same time, and this is a horse that I have only known to pull back twice and that was when I was clipping her for the first time and she spooked at the hair on the floor. Even then it wasnt bad, but she almost sat down several times while I was still pinned up against the wall.
 For whatever reason the twine loop that was supposed to act as a breakaway never broke, so I had a hard time calming her down enough to get her untied. Even then she was totally freaked out and never calmed down or started to listen after that. I was scared out of my wits, we both could have been seriously hurt . We are pretty sure that the EPM has permanently affected her brain and that is why she now acts like this out of no where.

 Because this happened, along with other stuff that she has pulled, and none of it is resolved for long, I have decided that I am going to find Addie a new home. Addie has never been totally sound since I bought her last Feb., and when has been she doesn’t stay that way for long. Not something you want in an Eventer. Since the economy is the way it is, and the horse market isn’t in any better condition, I am just going to give her away. Yes, I know this sounds bad, but I am going to do everything in my power to find her the perfect home.
 Addie would make a great broodmare, companion, or pleasure/trail horse. Whatever the EPM has done to her premanently cannot be passed onto a foal. She hacks out very nicely, both in a group and by herself. I need to find her a home asap. You can find her on dreamhorse.com under Addie Fitzpatrick. Addie also can be reg. with the North America Irish Draught Society (it is called something like that),and has super confo and bloodlines.


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