Update On Addie

     I have good news! I dont have to sell Addie after all! Downside is that she has tested with a weak positive for EPM, a neurological disease caused by a protozoa that attacks the central nervous system (you can learn more here). This causes asymmetrical muscle atrophy, neurotic behaviors, muscle soreness, poor coordination (more specifically of the hind end/legs), dragging of both or one of the hind toes, inability to stay balanced, and more. Fortunatly it can be treated. The most widely used anti-protazoal drug for horses with EPM is Marquis, but is also very expensive (usually around $750). This is what I am treating Addie with, and got an amazing deal from a friend that had left over from a horse that had treated a few years ago (who has made a full recovery after a very acute case the disease).  We are going to treat her with the Marquis for two months along with 5,000IU of Vitamin E every day. Vitamin E has been proved to help with inflammation and support the immune system, which are very important to help make a full recovery.
     Yesterday was the end of the first week of treatment, and she is acting much calmer (like her old self), hopefully it just wasn’t a coincidence. I also started having one flake of hay put in Addie’s stall in the am/pm so she has something else to focus on instead of being anxious during grain time (plus it will help prevent any side affects of the meds). So far, so good!
     Right now I am hoping that we will be able to do the things I have been wanting to do with her (before all the health and behavioral problems), if she makes a good recovery. So I will be posting a calendar of the things I am hoping to do with her here soon, along with updates on how she is doing.


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