First Post of 2011!

  I have… well had a feeling that 2011 was going to be my year, but at this rate it is completely and utterly horrible *sigh*.  Please bear with me as I vent a little.

  1. My great- grandma died the first week of the new year, which was really awful :(. It was even more so because we share a birthday, and were pretty close because of that. This year was going to be big for both of us, my 18th and her 80th. She was really sick, and there wasnt anything we could do for her, at least she isn’t suffering anymore. Rest In Peace Grandma Pat.

 2. Addie’s soundness issue(s) have never gotten any better, only worse. We don’t think that she will hold up as even a dressage horse, so we are going to do some diagnostic stuff on her hocks to see how bad it has gotten, and find her a nice home as a please/trail horse/broodmare. Damn horses that are supposed to work out and never do, it doesn’t help that I love the The Red Mare so much either. If you know of anyone who may be interested please let me know.

3. Last week my hamster died, yeah I know its not THAT big a deal, but it was for me. I had the “little” guy for a few years, and it was kind of a breaking point when he died after everything else that has happened. My life has a major suck factor right now.

4. Being that we probably wont get much for Addie because of her soundness and we are much more interested in finding her a wonderful home, we wont have much to buy me another. So I will probably be horseless for a while 😥 If anyone knows of a horse for a lease to own, or cheap horse please let me know.

     On the bright side I am working on college applications, which are both a bit exciting and scary at the same time. I have also learned about a grooming position that would be awesome!

     My friend that recently lost her eventing partner to a neurological disorder. The horse community has really stepped up to help her find a new equine, and with their help she may have found a horse today. I am praying that she did. She really deserves it.

    On my own hunt I have spotted some pretty cool horses on that may be in my price range because they’re neg. to good homes. I also have my eye on one down in Kalispell, so we shall see.
     Wishing everyone a better, happier,and successful 2011! If you are already having a year like mine, I have a feeling it is going to turn around for the better!


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