2010 Is Almost Over- Its Goal Time

        In the last few weeks I have been thinking a lot about the future and the possibilities, both horsie and non.
        One of the current issues I have had to deal with has been “solved” and a plan of action has been “developed”. Right now I am supposed to be a senior in high school, but because of health problems I am technically a sophomore credit wise. I was hoping to graduate the spring of 2012, but in reality there is a chance I get sick again and that would probably result in delayed graduation…again. So I have made the big decision to get my GED, which has been debated off and on for a few years.

My plan of action is as follows:
1. take the TABY test to see what I need to work on before I take the GED
2. take my GED and pass with flying colors
3.apply and get accepted into college, namely Montana State (I love their equine science/pre vet programs) and that way I can afford to keep my horse and compete
4.take the SAT/ACT
5. and then attend MSU in the fall 🙂
and above all – pray to God I stay relatively healthy

      Horse wise I haven’t been able to ride much because of various reasons, but heck thats winter in Montana if you have an indoor or not.

Goals for 2011:
– Get Addie’s awesome jumping back and keep it
– work on my release
– get nice, consistent dressage work (mid 30’s at least)
– get my C1 in the spring and my C2 later in the summer
– take Addie to our first reg. event and manage to do as well as we do at home
– conquer my fear of Addie bolting by doing LOTS of xc work
– be competing at BN, which means I will  be schooling novice
– IF she is doing well go to an easy move up novice level event
– above else staying sound (for both of us, haha) and having fun!

Here’s to 2010


Long Time, No Post

     Since my last post Addie and I have had a few set backs. I have been dealing with health problems, and Addie was having some behavioral issues (which kinda chipped away at the confidence I had gotten back after the accident).
    Addie’s problems have been pretty much been fixed by moving her to a new barn where she gets almost 24/7 turnout with four other mares, and finally getting to see the pony chiropractor! Both of these things have really helped her tons.
   She was so excited the first day she was let out in the pasture by herself (before the she was introduced to the other four mares) that she galloped around it so hard and much that she managed to cut up the insides of both rear cannons. Fortunately they look a lot worse then they really are.
    At our new barn we will also be getting 3 lessons a month with our board. I am VERY excited for this, because I have never had lessons on a regular basis except for the short time I was a working student last fall. This will definitely help with us get to the next level!