Meggan Holloway Clinic

    This last weekend I took Addie to the FVPC sponsored Meggan Holloway Clinic. It was both Saturday and Sunday, but I only rode on Saturday. First I had a semi private dressage lesson, and about an hour or so later I had a semi private jumping lesson. Addie was very good for the dressage, but pretty lazy, from now on I will always wear my spurs for dressage. For awhile I had quit wearing them because she was being very responsive, but it didn’t last long. Haha.We worked on using her hind end and transitions, she was pretty good.
For my jump lesson we did grids and little courses, the highest jumps being 2’6″- 2’9″. She had no problem clearing them, she just was being a compete dork. So I will also start wearing my spurs for jumping again too, because they would definitely help re-enforce my leg aids when she is acting up.This is what she has been doing lately:

This is the after math of a helicopter/deer jump, the nose dive. Because of her current jumping style, Meggan has offered for us to come down and have a mini jumping boot camp. Apparently Meggan’s competition horse, Cutter (Addie’s half brother), went through this “phase” as well. He is now being campaigned at Training level, trying to qualify for Prelim.
All in all it was very productive, helpful, and fun. I cant wait for next month!


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