In the last month Addie and I haven’t really been able to do much anything because I have been sick off and on, so right now she is fat and happy. I have been lunging her at least twice a week to keep her moving, but it still doesn’t cut it, especially with the last mini event of the season at the end of the month. I am pretty disappointed with my self being that I haven’t gotten us where we ideally “needed” to be. If I hadn’t been sick and had continued our training schedule that we had started at Meggan’s back in July we would at least be rocking bn . Right now we only have one smurf (18″) under our belt.
  Sorry guys, just needed to vent, now on to the good news.
  This weekend I am taking Addie to a clinic that Meggan is coming down and teaching. I am going to see where she thinks we are level wise for the up coming mini event. Right now I am guessing that we will probably go smurf again, but that may change.
   I am also going to talk to my Pony Club’s DC about doing my C1 HM and Flat ratings (PC has a new rating system for those that may not have an appropriate mount for any of the 3 areas that one is rated on) sometime soon, because we are both more than ready for them.
  So here are my goals leading up to next spring:

  • Take Addie to the Mini Event at either smurf or bn and end on our dressage score
  • Have a dressage score better than 36
  • Get my C1 HM and Flat ratings this fall
  • Over the winter get both my C2 HM and Flat ratings
  • In the spring get both of my C1 and C2 Jumping ratings, so I will have both of the original “eventing” ratings for both
  •  Thats all for right now, I will post more soon 😉


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