Just Another Day

        Didnt get to go ride today….Just had too much going on. Dang it. Oh well, so let me get you all up to date.
        This weekend is the mini event which I am completely psyched for, but also kinda bummed about. The reason I am bummed is because my goal for the summer was to take her BN on Saturday, and guess what? The mare and I are going smurf. Barf.
        I took her out to school last Sunday at the park and had a lesson with John. I had never had one from him before, but it was pretty awesome. I got over the fear of her bolting with me again, she was a xc machine, even though you really cant be at Smurf and BN…. Anyway I used the gag that Meggan let me borrow ( the golden wings gag we tried when we over to her place) and it worked very well. Half halt here and half halt there, no more having to haul on her to get some kind of positive reaction. Yay!
      Addie was still jumping the BN and Smurf stuff like it was prelim height, and acting like she could jump 8 feet, so she needs to learn to sloooow down and be patient. Thus the reason for Smurfing this weekend. Plus since we can both do it all with our eyes closed we have a very big possibility of kicking some major a** .;)
      I figured out what I am going to both register Addie under with the USEA and IDHSNA. Since her sire is Dry Creek Macha, the first Registered Irish Sport Horse born in North America, I wanted to carry on the Macha name. It is also customary to do so in so. Read here what Macha means. Its very cool because I was wanting something that went along the lines of Celtic/Irish female warrior/goddess names, so I came across Aife. Aife (also known as Aoife) was famous female warrior from long long ago. So Machas Aife she shall be.
     Another reason behind Addie’s “new name” is because there are not very many mares in eventing, and even fewer as you go higher up the levels. For those that do make it they are very strong and hold their own against the big boys. I have always thought that Addie would max out at Training probably to some T3D’s. But because of her current behavior and love for jumping I have been lead to believe otherwise. John also mentioned after my lesson that Addie and I are going to go far together, which also gave me some more new found hope that we may get to prelim and possibly higher together. 🙂


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