Our Week At Boot Camp

   Last week as most of you already know, was spent in Bozeman at Holloway’s Pretty Good Horse Barn, with Meggan Holloway.
  The timing couldn’t have been any better, because while schooling cross country with Addie, on July 9th, she bolted. I only had one stirrup for aprox. .5 mile (give or take), and managed to stay on until she jumped the drainage ditch. I preceded to fall onto the bank of the ditch, and bounce into the ditch face first. That felt great (not really)! An ambulance was called, and off to the ER I went. Thankfully nothing was broken, and no concussion. We were really worried that I had broken my collar bone and tail bone. I was back and riding on Monday. My lower back is still pretty sore, but it will heal with time.
  So back to Out Week At Boot Camp. We worked on Addie’s “foot work”, because she is still learning where to put everything. It didn’t help that she grew at least 1.5″ since I bought her in February. Then she was barely 16.2hh, and now she is just over 17hh. And dang does she look good. No one recognized her, and I don’t think that her original owners even would have! I need to post some before and after pictures. Now she doesn’t look like a propane tank. The Mare now looks like a real sport horse!
  We worked on jumping four out of the five days I was there. We did a lot of grids and bounce lines, at the end she was doing them very well. Early friday morning before lessons and when we needed to leave, we worked on jumping ditches. Since the xc course was pretty much invisible due to how high the grass was, Meggan pulled out her fake ditch, and Addie never refused! At the end she was “galloping” over it at bn/n speed with no problem.
  On our way back into Missoula, Meggan and I talked about my goal of taking Addie novice at Rebecca Farm next July. Meggan thinks that if I do the August Mini Event and Stanton Farm on Sept. 11-12th at bn, and  if she does really well, she doesn’t see why I couldn’t take her around novice at the Oct. Mini Event.
To be successful at Rebecca at novice in July ’11 we need to do at least 2 recognized  H.T.’s before then next season. I am currently looking at the May events, and will be deciding on our first shortly.


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