July 5 2010

  Yesterday was a lot nicer than it is today. I can believe the down pour we had. Good thing there is a nice, big indoor where I board Addie or we would have been outta luck.
  Addie was very much a mare while I groomed and tacked her up, even more so when I went to put on my Collegiate aka my Craptastic Saddle. I know it doesn’t fit, so I had stopped by Crazy Horse (the “tack” store) to see if they had a wide gullet in. To my despise they didn’t. If I could have I would have had them order me one, but because they are a consignment tack store I couldn’t :(. So I rode in the same arrangement that I used yesterday, and boy is that fun to get all on straight so she wont have anything else to get upset about.
  First we lunged. This is because The Mare thinks she is so aaaaaaalooooonnneee when we are in the indoor, and likes to scream and be stupid. Surprisingly she was pretty good on the lung, and just because I had her side reins already hooked up, I decided she could work for a while in them. It always seems to help set the mood for her, and then she doesn’t pull on her when I ask her to take up the contact when I get on.
  Wow, my mom just came in the door and gave me some Almond Joys! Yummy!
  Okay, back on track. Addie is really loving the french link instead of the Stubben KK. Go figure. I spend $75 on the Stubben, and just $20 on the french link that I bought for Dover last summer. Oh well, good thing I still had it.
   Her right lead is still kinda crappy, we need to really work on it, because it is her off side. Otherwise we had some awesome trot work, mostly on the bit and round, and she was very much in tune to me. So all in all we had a pretty darn good ride šŸ™‚


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