Long Time No Post

I am not being very good about keeping my blog up-to-date. So now I am going to promise to keep you all up to date.

Since my last post, Addie and I have finally begun to really click with each other. She has finally figured out that I am not just pretending to know what I am doing, to “okay you’ve got it boss” and tries her heart out. We still have our “red thoroughbred mare” moments, but who doesnt? There have more good days than bad, so I cant complain, but there has been reason to dub her “Mrs. Robinson”. The show name “Sweet Adeline”, is just that, too sweet for my fiery, big, red mare…So it just wont do. Now she is known as Mrs. Robinson, and Mrs. Robinson she shall be.

Addie has also been taken on her first xc school, and was great. She did everything asked of her, even though it was all new. I also took her to her first show, a H/J schooling show at the local equestrian park. Addie placed in three out of the five classes. We only did the 18″ and 2′ classes to keep things simple. She was also very hot, but “cooled down” after the first class.

I currently had to move Addie from the boarding facility to a new one, which I am very pleased with. It has a small scale xc course with a complete water complex, regulation sized outdoor dressage arena, and heated indoor- which will be great for cold Montana winters.


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