Quick Update

  The weather here in Montana has been crazy. Last night it was snowing and last week we had several hail storms. Not fun weather to ride or even be out in. I was unable to ride all weekend because this “cowboy” came a gave a clinic on natural horsemanship. He was teaching people how to get their horses to cross tester-totters and jump on and off a large tire wheel full of sand. Huh. So the poneh got the weekend off, and boy is she getting fat. I am probably going to move her into a dry lot so she doesn’t have access to pasture and because no one will clean out the shelter out there or the old round bale mess. Argg. I would do it but I would have to use a tractor. Its not healthy for her to be living out there.
  I also got my “new” ’94 Logan Coach 2h, slant load on Sunday. There is a lot more that needs done to it that we first thought. Oh well. Hopefully we can make it safe for this weekend’s h/j schooling show, and the Deep Creek Derby June 5th.


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