Always Look a Free Horse in the Mouth

 After finding Addy, horses for sale seem to be coming out the wood work here in Western Montana. Even for free, and I am not talking about your average 25+yr old kid’s horse. Nice young projects with potential- if you are willing to spend countless hours on teaching them how to pick up their feet, they could be very nice lower level eventers some day.
 Get this a nice young register Swedish Warmblood mare, for only $1500. And then the catch… she has a bone chip in her hock that tends to “tighten up” at times while jumping. Dang. If I had the money I would have bought her up, and at least make a nice dressage horse out of her. I’m sure that both of these horses will find nice homes here in the near future.
  It just goes to show that Addy, the nice ISH, 17hh, 6yr old sorrel mare with the little white star upon her forehead is probably going to be the one for me. I just have to ride this storm out and keep my eyes (and heart) on the prize before me.


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